From Day 1 until today, On strike team never fail us. The first demonstration was totally impressive and pretty awesome. The migration process is pretty smooth and hassle free. This multifunctional system is very helpful and user-friendly. The OS team are professional, friendly, courteous, reliable, and they are very accommodating in helping us with our issues and concerns. I am more than willing to recommend this solution. This is a total package.. Advanced and upgraded system plus quality customer service and the professional team. This is what we need..

Greetings from PBTS, Baguio City! Thank you so much for your support in maintaining and improving our library integrated system. Coming from the librarians’ perspective, Koha is better than our old system Athena because koha is RDA ready which allows us to input all necessary information about a resource that will eventually help the end users easily locate their needed resources. After almost one year of using koha, there were no major problems encountered so far. Several minor problems were noted though but were solved with the help of the OS team.