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ONSTRIKE Library Solutions (OSLS) was established as a means of providing a complete and extensive ILS (Integrated Library System) utilizing Koha features which includes all the modules that may be required by any library. As an ardent supporter of the academe, the company aims to provide educational establishments and the like with expert technical support from installation to implementation. With the team’s experience in Koha customization and troubleshooting, the management assures customers of a full scale automation, migration and online support tailor fitted to each client’s unique demands and needs

OSLS was founded by Jerwyn Fernandez, Raul Migriño, Eugene Espinoza, Grace Medina, Lorena Nieva and Francis Alolod. The company derives its name from Jerwyn’s passion for the game of baseball; from a batter getting ready for the next pitch, the batter being ’’on strike.’’ This same passion is what inspired Jerwyn and friends to start OSLS, brought about by their mission to dedicate themselves into perfecting their craft as Koha specialists with the hope of imparting Koha’s philosophy of sharing and giving. As the company prides itself in its commitment and professional competence to match their client’s library needs and requirements, they have in their employ expert IT specialists and professional librarians to cater to the myriad of packages they have on offer. This ensures they will be able to provide a unique, best in class solution with respect to each customer’s budget and needs. Koha’s ever growing user base worldwide and its continuous development geared towards constant evolution to sustain the demands of any library in respect with the consequent changes in technology is a testament to its viability as a long-term business solution for those in need of a versatile and quality open source library system.

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