PoA before undergoing the surgery

An elderly man, about to undergo a high risk surgery, is encouraged by the social worker to assign a PoA before undergoing the surgery. He is close to his daughter and would like to appoint her, but she has become a member of a religious group that does not allow blood transfusions. He would want a transfusion if needed.

Knox Gallery/Monterey Library: exhibiting artists Michael Marcus and Tasja Keetman, will demonstate a Japanese tea ceremony using craft objects of their own making, and talk about Zen influence on their work. Thursday. Monterey, Mass. But in the unique and special relationship between man and woman (husband wife; father daughter; brother sister; etc.), the man is to consider the woman before himself and make it his special aim to care for her and protect her. This makes little sense to a world in which we look out for Number One. In fact, St.

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